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slack wax

Slack wax is petroleum product; the raw material of paraffin wax, Slack wax is a mixture of oil and wax in yellow or brown color, processed by pressing to decrease the oil content and discoloring by special powders after heating to produce paraffin wax.

One of the many products derived from refining is lubricating oil, from which a byproduct called slack wax is obtained. Slack wax is a mixture of oil and wax. It is the product, which serves as IGI’s feedstock and that is further refined and blended to create value-added petroleum wax products.

Some examples of applications for slack waxes: in wax emulsions, as binders and water-proofing in artificial woods; in matches; in jar candles; in rust-protection products; in industrial lubricants; in arena-footing; in soil or turf protection; and in fireplace products.

wax paraffin semi refined
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fully refined paraffin wax

Generally does not have an oil content exceeding 0.5%. Used in cosmetics and oily papers, it is extra white, hard, odorless, transparent.

paraffin wax grade b

Oil content 2%-4%. Used in candle manufacture , polishes, wax paper, match industry, food and chocolate polishing , PVC, electrical insulation assist in extracting perfume from flowers and medical ointment.

slack wax heavy grade

Oil content 3%-8%. Used in producing wax emulsions ,polishing boards . Cable filling, paraffin wax and PVC industries.

residue wax

Our company is engaged in processing of residue wax that is also popularly known as foot oil. This residue wax is derived during the production of semi refined paraffin wax. Our residue wax is extensively used in tyre, rubber and shoe soil industries.

residue wax(foots oil) tire grade

High oiled wax named residue wax (foots oil) used for tire, brown color lubricants, explosive, fire work. Tire factories are interested in 35% oil residue wax and color is not important for them at all.

medical petroleum jelly

used all over the world to protect and heal dry skin, from dry, cracked hands to hard skin on heels, as well as for beauty purposes, like softening the lips or highlighting the cheekbones . Vaseline is used to protect and repair the skin. Vaseline is used for preventing diaper rash, but it can also be used to protect minor cuts and burns, to soften skin, and to lock in moisture in dry, cracked skin.

cosmetic petroleum jelly

The best quality type of petroleum jelly (Vaseline ) for cosmetic industry — No smell , extra white color is the most important specification of it. Used in medical treatment , skin and hair care , moisture loss , hair grooming , skin lubrication , product care and protection , coating , finishing , lubrication , production processes , surface cleansing , pet care.

paraffin wax grade a

Oil content 1%-2%. Used in high quality candle manufacturers, cosmetics (after processing), aint industry, , medical ointment , water proof coat for wood , polishing and …

slack wax

Mixture of oil and waxyellow to dark-colored crude paraffin wax that is separated from part of the oil in paraffin distillate by chilling and pressing or by use of a solvent and that contains considerable residual oil.

slack wax light grade

Oil content 3%-8%. used in producing wax emulsions for particle board and medium density fibreboard, cable filing compound, paraffin wax and … 

residue wax(foots oil) lubricant grade

used as hydrophobia impregnation material, fuel brick component, raw material for production of grease lubricants, conservation oils , lubricants , tire, rubber and shoe soil industries. also used in brown color, high oiled wax named residue wax (foots oil) used for lubricants, explosive, fire work.

industrial petroleum jelly

commonly used as a lubricant in many industries. Also, this product is used as anti-corrosion for metals, anti-wear and anti-fatigue for machineries, fluid agent for molding and apply in leather industries. also is used to moisten plasticine coat corrosion-prone items, condition leather, finish wood, protect and prevent moisture loss, and as a release agent for plaster molds and castings , rubber, automotive and general industrial sectors .

liquid paraffin

Liquid paraffin is a term reserved for highly-refined mineral oil that is suitable for skin care product applications and even for oral ingestion. This is an important distinction, because some skin care experts who express concern about liquid paraffin may be inadvertently referring to non-medical-grade mineral oil, which has not been properly purified for use in skin products.

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