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quality of products

by maintaining modern laboratories to assure quality and expert supervision, we ensure excellence and quality in all of our products.

global supply chain

our integrated in-region logistics capabilities provide us unique flexibility to deliver product directly to customers by several type :

New steel drums, Used dums, Flexi tank, ISO Tank and Jumbo Bags.

Pricing strategy

Zigguratoil pricing strategy is to maximize our customer’s benefit through best buying price, lowest possible delivery time and flexibility in payment term and method.


WaxIran as a subsidiary of ZigguratOil CO has estableshed for Marketing and suppling wax related products to Major international Markets.

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What our customers say

Our extensive supply chain and distribution network provides our customers with a secure and reliable supply of diverse grades of petroleum  Wax from Iran Refineries.

“We think you guys are the real deal passionate about your product and you support it so well after the sale is made.

Jane Smith | sales manager, SocialWax

“Dude, your services are awesome. With your help my business is now on the right track. Thank you!”

Robert Cage | CEO, DZico Company

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